You can reach the Kornati National Park by your own boat or a rented one, or participating in organized tours provided by numerous individuals and/or tourist agencies along the Adriatic coast.

You can ask for more details about the tourist agencies authorized to operate in the park area at the office of the Kornati National Park authority in Murter.
The Kornati NP is located approximately 7 nm from Murter, i.e. 15 nm from Šibenik and Zadar.


Sailing, snorkeling, autonomous diving, swimming, observing the plant and animal wildlife


Camping is strictly forbidden outside the authorised camps.
Visitors who want to rent a small house (or a room) in the park area can do so through one of the many tourist agencies in Murter.
Anchoring and spending the night in the Park is allowed only at 16 locations (see Rules of Conduct in the Kornati NP).


Visitors can get all the supplies they need in Murter or other places outside the park.
During the high season, food and some of the most basic supplies can also be purchased on boat-stores that cruise through the national park from time to time.
There is a smallish store with the basic supplies on the islet of Vela Panitula (as a part of ACI Piškera).
The majority of restaurants (taverns) in the park area is open during the high season.
Food and other supplies cannot be purchased in the park area out of the high season.

telefonski brojeviFIRST AID AND HOSPITALS

The closest first aid station for providing basic medical care is either in Murter or in Sali (Dugi Otok).
The closest hospital is in Šibenik.
The closest medical centre specialized for providing help for divers who suffered an accident is in Split.

112 - Unique European emergency number


Other information, flyers, tickets, permits, publications and similar can be acquired at the receptions of the Kornati NP in the park area (during the high season), at the Aba reception in Murter, and at the office Kornati NP authority in Murter (during the whole year).

Park is open for visits during the whole year.